We're A Family!

Here at BLACK GAP LABS we keep it small, personal, and surrounded by family and friends with tons of Love & Care for our animals. Our Dogs & Puppies live on 75 acres in rural Tennessee, surrounded by woods and water. CALL US! 931-269-9655

Puppies Coming in Sep 2014!

We believe that you must go to great lengths to care for your pets.

Socialization is key to a well rounded and healthy puppy! Our puppies are individually socialized and handled every single day from the time they open their eyes till they go home with their new owners!

Natural Health Care for ourselves and our animals is very important to us. As soon as they are old enough, our puppies visit our veterinarian. He checks them thoroughly and gives them signed documentation of what he found. The puppies are dewormed and given their very first shots by the time they are a few weeks old. They are fed only our All Natural Health Food.


Lacey – Black Female – SOLD

Meet Lacey! Born April 28

36 Month Health Guarantee!

The puppies come with our personal written 36 month Health Guarantee! And the new owners are expected to continue the same caliber of constant loving health care that the puppies are currently receiving...

Black Lab Puppy

Puppies Are What They Eat!

The health & temperament of our pets are directly related to what they eat. The best pet food we have found is not available in stores. It is only available here...

  • Everyone Wants A Healthy Pet

    Our Pets are a big part of our life and therefore their health is of utmost importance!
  • Pets Are What They Eat

    The health & temperament of our pets are directly related to what they eat.
  • Lifes Abundance Pet Health Food

    The best pet food we have found is not available in stores. It is only available here. Browse Dog Food

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