This is Cali.

Cali is a very pretty dog! She is very solidly built with dainty paws and features. We love her kind personality. Her temperament, health and retrieving abilities are amazing! She has passed all her health certifications with flying colors not to mention her serious pedigree.

She is a short stocky English Lab that just loves to hang with you and help with whatever you are doing. She absolutely loves the water and you just can’t keep her from retrieving! If you are looking for a good bird dog Cali’s puppies would be a good choice! She is also the best mother to her puppies.

Health Certifications

  • Cali got the best possible rating on her hips. She came back in the 90th percentile on her Penn Hips test which is equal to the OFA Excellent rating. See her Penn Hips Report here. Cali's Penn Hip Report
  • Cali passed her CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) examination on 8-5-14. Cali's CAER documentation Cali is prcd-PRA NORMAL/CLEAR. This means that she will never be affected by or produce any pups with the Progressive rod-cone degeneration form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Cali's PRA Documentation Cali's Inherited RD/OSD is normal. This means that she will never develop or produce a puppy that has the OSD-ascociated form of RD (Retinal Dysplasia-retinal folds). Cali's Rd-OSD Documentation
  • She was cleared of any heart disease of any kind on 8-5-14. Auscultation is within normal limits and congenital heart disease is not evident. Cali's Heart Documentation
  • Cali tested NORMAL for NARC. This means she will never develop or produce any pups with NARC. Cali's NARC Documentation
  • Cali has been tested for EIC (Exercise Induced Colapse) and is EIC NORMAL (CLEAR) which means that she will never produce any puppies with EIC. Cali's EIC Documentation